When a manuscript has several authors, one of them, the corresponding author, should be designated to receive and respond to correspondence from the editors. This designation can be changed by notifying the editors. It is the responsibility of the corresponding author to represent all those involved with the manuscript. By submitting a manuscript, the corresponding author certifies:

  • The manuscript is the original work of the listed authors.
  • All manuscript’s authors contributed significantly to the concept, design, execution, or interpretation of the research study.
  • All those who made significant contributions were offered the opportunity to be listed as authors.
  • All of the listed authors are aware of and agree to the submission of the manuscript.
  • The manuscript has not been published and is not being and will not be considered by another journal while it is considered here.
  • The authors have provided information to the editors about relevant unpublished manuscripts, including any previous versions of this manuscript submitted to other journals.
  • The authors accept the established procedures for selecting manuscripts for publication.